Advancing into 2019 with a new brand vision

Jing King Tech Holdings launched its new corporate brand “ADERA GLOBAL”, reinforcing its commitment as a trusted services solutions leader in ASEAN and International markets.

Singapore, Fri, 15 February 2019 –
For the last 35 years, Jing King Tech Holdings (“The Group”) has evolved and expanded from a manufacturer of SMART Cards for financial institutions and banks into a diversified business group, anchored on the core genetics of secured data handling.

Over the last five years, the Group’s business and emphasis have spanned rapidly into multiple new verticals such as Digital ID via biometric and image processing technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Payments, FinTech, Data Analytics and Crypto Vault, whilst retaining its market leadership in secured data handling.

The Group hence needed to establish a new name and visual identity that would accurately depict its vision of Advancing the Frontiers of a Secure World.

The Group took the opportunity of unveiling a new corporate brand – ADERA – at its Annual Appreciation Dinner held at Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore on 15th February 2019. The milestone launch was witnessed by more than 500 business clients, employees and partners. Combining two words, “Advancing” and “Era”, the word ADERA is aptly coined to mark the digital connected era that the world is entering into and the global ambition of the Group to provide smarter, seamless and secure solutions for Banks, Insurers, Government, Mobile Network Operators and Enterprises. More than data security solutions, ADERA distinguishes itself as a future-forward force, always advancing the frontiers of a secure world.

ADERA Global expects to complete its rebranding exercise fully by the third quarter of 2019 with a full suite of trade dress, livery and collaterals implemented.